Gay Pride 1972 Organic T-shirt

Lapin Liberté

Gay liberation Front 1972.

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The UK Gay Liberation Front existed between 1970–1973.[27]

Its first meeting was held in the basement of the London School of Economics on 13 October 1970. Bob Mellors and Aubrey Walter had seen the effect of the GLF in the United States and created a parallel movement based on revolutionary politics.[28]

By 1971, the UK GLF was recognized as a political movement in the national press, holding weekly meetings of 200 to 300 people.[29] The GLF Manifesto was published, and a series of high-profile direct actions, were carried out, such as the disruption of the launch of the Church-based morality campaign, Festival of Light.[30]

As ever on an 100% organic cotton t-shirt and beautifully printed with Vegan inks, Eco friendly and sustainable. 

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