Dank Ape

Jason Watson -Todd is the brains behind Dank Ape, he purchased the brand in the 2000's where he had a clear vision for the brand, we are now seeing new and exciting designs from Jason, but with him keeping the respect from the days gone by, Jason was an art student, when his love for fashion grew, he started his own company whilst still studying, and turned it into a full time operation, allowing him the freedom to explore both the worlds of Art and Fashion together.

Dank Ape, was set up to be a streetwear brand and over the years has grown from strength to strength, recently taking the brand in a new direction, whilst still retaining its original roots, Dank Ape has been worn by everyone from famous rappers to kids on the street.

Both Jason and Dank Ape have some incredible new and and radical design coming out in the near future, so definitely one to keep your eye on.